Why T-Mobile is taking on the big boys in the ad business

  • July 17, 2021

TalkSport is a leading provider of the world’s most popular video content, including news, sport, current affairs and entertainment.

Its customers have a choice of brands including Fox News, ESPN, CNN, and Sky Sports.

Its products include T-mobile ad networks, online video advertising, and TV and radio.

It has also launched its own brand of premium premium video content to cater to the growing mobile video audience.

TalkSport’s video business has also attracted the attention of the likes of Facebook, Google and Snapchat.

In a report to investors in October, the company said its video ad revenues had been growing at double-digit rates since its launch in 2017.

It now has more than a billion video ad views a month and has more videos on its network than any other company, according to data from ComScore.

The network’s ad revenue growth has come as video content on Facebook and Twitter has increased by 30 per cent a year.

The company also has a strong presence on the social media site Instagram, where it has more followers than all the other companies combined.

Its mobile ad business, which is the company’s largest, is the most lucrative for the company, with revenues of $2.5 billion last year.

Its total revenue for the year was $2 billion.

In a post on the company blog, TalkSport said that it has been able to expand its content footprint to meet the growing needs of advertisers. 

“It is our belief that we can provide an unmatched experience on all the platforms that matter to us, which means reaching the widest audience possible,” the blog post said.

“This will include social, video, and mobile, and we will be expanding our video ad platform in the coming years.”

T-Mobile, which has a $40 billion market cap, has been looking to compete in the mobile video ad space.

In January, it said it would launch its own video advertising service in the US.

However, its success has not been matched by the likes at Fox News.

Fox News, which boasts a combined audience of nearly 3 billion, is not just a competitor to T-Mo in terms of its ad revenue.

“Fox News is the single most watched network in America, averaging over one billion unique viewers a month,” the company wrote in a post.

“The Fox News audience is the largest audience in the world, and one of the most important ones for T-Mob, as well as our advertisers.”

The company’s biggest competition for advertisers is Netflix, which, despite having a much smaller audience, has already launched a video advertising product called Vudu, which it is calling the T-Tube for Video.

T-Mo said it was focused on a new video ad business that would allow the company to compete with Google and Facebook.

Talksport said that its video ads will offer advertisers the “world’s largest content platform” and “a competitively priced, mobile ad platform”.

T-Mob said it had reached agreements with a number of ad networks to be able to offer its ad services, which would allow it to be “partnering with leading brands, including some of the largest, most successful in the industry”.

“These relationships include a partnership with CNN, where we will offer a variety of video and radio offerings, including new ad formats,” it said.

TekSavvy said it also signed deals with a wide range of TV and audio ad networks.