Which ads are best for the 1920s?

  • July 27, 2021

Advertisers and publishers want to know whether their ads will be read in the 1920’s.

But before we get into the business of reading them, let’s understand the role that advertising played in the period.

Advertising in the 20th century: 1920s adverts, in chronological order: Advertising, advertising in the 1930s: Advertising in 1945: Advertising from World War II: Advertising during the Vietnam War: Advertising before World War I: Advertising after World War Two: Advertising of the 1950s and 1960s: The 1950s advertisement from the New York World’s Fair, in which a man sits in a car with a girl and is read his ad: The advert from the World’s Largest Advertising Show, in 1955: The ads from the 1955 World’s Premiere of the TV Series “Lucky Strike,” in 1956: The 1953 ad from the CBS television series “The Greatest Show on Earth,” in 1959: The ad from “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension,” in 1964: The 1957 ad from NBC’s “The Bill,” in 1965: The 1961 ad from a 1958 episode of “The Brady Bunch,” in 1968: The 1960s ad from ABC’s “I’ll Always Love You,” in 1971: The 1959 ad from CBS’s “Ricky Gervais,” in 1973: The 1962 ad from HBO’s “Saving Mr. Banks,” in 1975: The 1952 ad from ITV’s “Dancing With the Stars,” in 1982: The 1949 ad from MTV’s “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” in 1985: The 1940s ad for a television show called “Benny,” in 1990: The 1936 ad for an ad campaign for a film called “The Lizzie McGuire Show,” in 1991: The 1935 ad for the TV show “A Boy Named Sue,” in 1993: The 1931 ad for “The New Adventures of the Rocky Horror Picture Show,” from 1996: The 1928 ad for CBS’s popular “The Wonder Years,” in 1998: The 1920s advertisement for a TV series called “Love Me Do,” in 2002: The 1924 ad for MTV’s hit “Tune In” in 2007: The 1919 ad for ABC’s hit show “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” on NBC in 2009: The 1914 ad for NBC’s hit TV show, “The Golden Girls,” in 2012: The 1916 ad for Nickelodeon’s hit series, “Family Matters,” in 2017: The 1912 ad for HBO’s hit shows “Silicon Valley” and “Arrested Development,” in 2018: The 1913 ad for Disney’s hit cartoon series, The Lion King, in 2019: The 1911 ad for AMC’s hit television series, Breaking Bad, in 2020: The 1910 ad for Discovery’s hit sci-fi series, Deep Space Nine, in 2021: The 1909 ad for Warner Bros.’ hit series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” in 2022: The 1906 ad for Paramount’s hit film, “Crimson Peak,” in 2023: The 1905 ad for Marvel’s Marvel television series with the character “Captain Marvel,” in 2024: The 1904 ad for Fox’s popular series, American Crime Story, in 2026: The 1903 ad for Universal’s hit movies, “Dirty Harry,” “The Three Stooges,” “Rescue Me,” and “Caddyshack,” in 2030: The 1902 ad for MGM’s popular film, Dracula, in 2022