The Truth about Fallacies in Advertising

  • September 2, 2021

Posted September 09, 2018 08:10:10 An article on the front page of The Australian yesterday (September 10) that claimed the term “fancy dress” was an “accidental” word was incorrect.

The article, which was originally published by The Australian’s sister publication, The Drum, contained the headline “Fashion advertising is about to get messy” which was accompanied by a photo of a dress, with the words “fashions” and “fashion” on it.

It also referred to “fashion week” which is a weekend-long event which is actually the first Saturday of September each year in Australia.

The word “fashion”, however, does not appear in the article.

A spokesperson for the ABC, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told The Drum: “There’s no such thing as fashion week.”

“Fashion Week” is a term which refers to a day of clothing and accessories, with sales of the items in fashion season.

“The phrase was coined by Australian journalist and fashion designer, Lauren Halsey, in a 2013 article for the Sydney Morning Herald.”

It was a little misleading and it was taken from a headline in the Herald’s May 22 edition,” the spokesperson said.”

In the Herald article, Halse, a former fashion model, wrote: ‘There are some really amazing fashion designers out there, some who are the envy of the fashion world.'””

It seems like a little bit of a misnomer to me, but if you go to any of the world’s largest fashion retailers, they’re always selling the hottest and most eye-catching clothing and their biggest sales are on the weekend of fashion week.

“You can see that there’s always some really gorgeous dresses and heels that you can see in the shops.”

So, yes, we did use the word ‘fashion’ and it does mean fashion week, but it’s not a holiday.