The East Coast aurora was the biggest advertiser for a week in the U.S. in 2018

  • September 7, 2021

Today’s data on the most popular channels, stations and programs was compiled by The Associated Press and shows the most-watched day of the year.

The data comes as the country prepares to mark the one-year anniversary of the U/T/S event, which has become the dominant event for people in the Midwest and Northeast.

The East Coast, a region that has been hit hardest by the severe winter storm, was the most visible advertiser.

It had more than 10 million unique viewers, including more than 1.3 million who watched the live event on CNN.

The highest-rated network, Fox News Channel, had more viewers in total.

The weather also helped make the East Coast more prominent in the media landscape, as it generated a total of about 1.2 million unique views.

A number of networks aired meteorological programs during the event, including ABC News, CBS News, CNN, NBC News, and The Weather Channel.

It also generated about 1 million views on Hulu.

The next most popular channel, MSNBC, had about 1,600 viewers, more than double the viewership of its main rival, The New York Times.

It’s followed by CNN, which had about 700 viewers.

The most watched station was CBS, which aired a three-hour special about the weather.

ABC had more total viewers than all but two networks combined.CNN, which usually leads in total viewers, lost ground to MSNBC during the live events, but it regained the lead in total viewership, averaging 1.07 million viewers during the week of Feb. 20.

The network was followed by Fox News with 1.02 million viewers.CBS had about 400 viewers.

NBC had about 180 viewers.

ABC and Fox News both had more.

The other networks combined averaged about 260 viewers.

CNN was the highest-rating network in the nation.

The AP-MSNBC poll was conducted Feb. 21-26 using a sample drawn from the probability-based AmeriSpeak panel, which is designed to be representative of the US population.

The margin of sampling error for all respondents is plus or minus three percentage points.