How to get a free trial of the Google Pixel 2 XL

  • September 9, 2021

Hacker News contributor raznabell reports that the Google’s newest flagship phone is going to be available for free for a short time.

The company is currently selling the Pixel 2XL in Europe, the United States and Canada, and the Pixel XL in Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom.

If you’re looking to test out the new phone, you can also buy it for less than $500.

The Pixel 2 will be available starting March 14 in Europe and March 14.

If the new Pixel 2 arrives in stores in the U.S. on March 17, the company will be able to offer it for free until March 28.

The Pixel 2, a high-end device with a 2.3-inch screen, is expected to come in both the 4GB and 8GB variants.

The new Pixel will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset and 2GB of RAM.

It’s also expected to be thinner than the Pixel.

It features a 6-inch display with 1080p resolution, a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology, dual cameras, a front fingerprint scanner and a dual front speakers.

The device will also be able be configured with a 16-megapixel camera, 12-megapixels front camera, 2-megawatt speakers and a 4-megassist headphone jack.

What the GOP wants to hide about its new ad campaign against President Obama

  • August 23, 2021

POLITICO article Republicans in the House of Representatives are now pushing to obscure from the public the extent of their campaign to undermine President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law.

In a bid to make it harder to tell the difference between what Republicans are actually pushing and what they are selling, the GOP is pushing to limit the public from viewing ad buys during the week when the law is on the ballot and during the next two weeks.

The plan was outlined Monday by Reps.

John Kline (R-Minn.), Jackie Walorski (D-Md.), and Tim Walorsky (R.I.), and co-sponsored by House Republicans and House Democrats.

The plan would also bar people from seeing ads they are barred from seeing, and it would prohibit them from viewing any other ads that the House is holding during the two weeks that the law will be on the general election ballot.

Republicans are using the plan to argue that, despite the fact that it does not explicitly mention healthcare, it would be in the public interest to make the law’s passage easier for Republicans to push.

Democrats, however, are not buying the Republican effort.

The ad campaign would, they say, be a sham designed to undermine the healthcare law and to discourage the public.

The House Ways and Means Committee on Monday released a draft bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act that would require the House to vote on the bill by Feb. 28.

The bill would repeal the ACA and replace it with an alternative that does not include a requirement that most Americans have healthcare coverage.

Republicans have been pushing for this alternative for months and have repeatedly said that they would support a bill that included a mandate.

The Congressional Budget Office, which studies the impact of legislation on the economy, estimated that repealing the ACA would reduce the national deficit by $1.3 trillion over the next decade, mostly by keeping insurance premiums low and increasing health spending.

Democrats have also argued that the bill would increase the federal deficit by about $1 trillion.

Republicans have said that the Congressional Budget Board has repeatedly underestimated the cost of repealing the Affordable Covered Care Act.

The CBO has said that repealing and replacing the ACA with an even more generous plan would increase federal deficits by $200 billion over the decade, primarily by increasing the number of uninsured.

Democrats argue that they have a plan to replace the ACA.

The Senate GOP bill to replace it, unveiled last month, is expected to include a mandate that the government provide coverage to all Americans, though they are not certain about whether they would include a ban on people from paying for insurance or a requirement to have insurance if they have pre-existing conditions.

The CBO has also said that replacing the healthcare mandate with a tax increase is likely to lead to higher deficits.

Democrats and other groups have pointed out that the ACA required that employers provide health insurance to all workers, not just their employees.

Republicans say they will not repeal the healthcare plan without a replacement, though it is unclear how the House will vote on a replacement.

In addition, the CBO has estimated that the repeal of the healthcare provision would increase annual deficits by as much as $1,200 billion by 2026.

The GOP proposal would also end tax breaks for high-income people, including tax breaks to corporations that paid a penalty for not paying taxes for years before they paid taxes on profits from healthcare insurance plans.

The legislation would also eliminate the deduction for state and local taxes, including the mortgage interest deduction and the sales tax on cigarettes and other goods.

The bills would also cut Medicaid spending by $2.4 trillion over 10 years, but it would save $1 billion per year by 2021.

Republicans also want to change the tax code so that individuals can deduct their taxes from their income and reduce their tax burden on employers.

They want to do that by cutting taxes for small businesses, which currently deduct taxes from salaries.

The proposal would do away with a number of tax breaks, including a child tax credit, a state and US estate tax credit for the first $7.5 million of income, a charitable deduction for the rich, and a mortgage interest tax credit that provides up to $1 million of relief to middle-class households.

The Republican bill would also reduce the deduction of state and state and federal estate taxes for the wealthiest taxpayers, which could make it more difficult for middle-income households to pass on their tax benefits.

Former RNC Admissions Officer Admits He’s Had ‘Ridiculous’ Experience in the Admissions Game

  • July 24, 2021

By Mike Adams Former RNC admissions officer admits to having ‘ridiculous and unrealistic’ experience in the admissions game article Admissions officers, the ones who decide who’s qualified to apply to the Republican Party, are not supposed to be part of the political process.

Admissions committees are supposed to get to the bottom of who’s worthy of a nomination, but Admissions officer Adrienne Rauch recently admitted to having had a “ridiculously” bad experience in this aspect of the process.

As Breitbart News reported, Rauz was one of the top two or three people on the admissions committee in her first year at the RNC, but was forced to resign in January after a number of high-profile allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced.

During an interview with Breitbart News in May, Raulch, who joined the RNC in 2011, said that she had “never had a person of the same background come into my office and make such inappropriate remarks to me.”

She explained that the “complaint was that I was too much of a social conservative, I was not supportive enough of the LGBT community.”

During the interview, Raunsch, who had also worked as a political staffer at the Florida Democratic Party, told Breitbart News, “The way that this happened, you just can’t imagine.”

“It was completely inappropriate, it was totally inappropriate, I just never thought about it, never thought it could happen to me,” Rau-ch told Breitbart.

“There were no consequences whatsoever for the behavior, which I don’t think anybody should have to go through in this country.”

According to Rauach, the RNC has not responded to multiple requests for comment on the incident.

“I can only say that there were some serious mistakes made in this process, but they weren’t that serious,” Raul-ch said.

“It didn’t come across that way at all.

I’ve been through a lot of things in my career.

I don.t. know how to describe what happened to me.

It’s a terrible experience, and I was very shocked by it.”

Raulcher said that the incident happened on a Friday afternoon in November, when she was working on a job application.

She said she was doing a quick phone interview when she heard a voice call from her supervisor.

“She was telling me, ‘I need to talk to you about something.

I need to tell you something about your experience and your work experience.’

I didn’t even realize what it was.

I said, ‘Oh, yeah, I had an internship,'” Rauchy said.

She added, “I was just so shocked that I didn.t even know what to say.

I had never experienced anything like that.”

After speaking to Raulz, Rookz told Breitbart, “He [Raulch] was just incredibly nice and really very understanding.

She told me that she was a very good person.

It was like a second chance.

She was very supportive.

I was so honored to have that opportunity.

She has my full support.”

Rauchi-ch added that she would have accepted the job if Raulchy had told her she had an internship, but that she “wasnt prepared for that.”

Raunch said that Raulshch was one the best people she has ever worked with.

“Adrienne is a really good, solid person,” Raunsch said of Raulsch.

“We are all really proud of her.”

In response to Raun-ch’s allegations, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said, “Raul-Chs experience with our party was never intended to be a reflection of who we are or the values of our party.”

The RNC also released a statement saying that the former employee has been “resigned.”

“We have had a very frank discussion with the former Admissions Director, who we have been very supportive of,” the RNC said.

In an interview earlier this week, Rulich said that her resignation was “a very personal choice” and that she does not regret anything.

“As a result, I have resigned,” Rulch told Business Insider.

“But I am also not looking back.”

Rulsheich was one for change, Roulters mother said.

“[She] had a really hard time with her job and she was kind of in a dark place, and she didn’t feel like she was being supported by the party,” her mother, Patricia Roulsheich, told Business Insiders.

“And that’s something that really bothers me.

And it’s really sad.

Because she was one who was really passionate about the Republican cause.

And she was an extremely talented person.

And I think that she will have a great legacy as a person.”