When Google launched its AdWords for mobile ad business, it faced a lot of skepticism from the consumer ad industry. Now, the company has taken the challenge and made some big changes to its mobile ad offerings.

  • August 25, 2021

title The battle over AdWords is getting tougher from Google, with the company changing its mobile advertising business from a one-stop shop to a multi-step process article title Google has updated its mobile marketing strategy to focus on mobile ad acquisition, targeting and integration, according to a blog post by AdWords head of global marketing Matt Pincus.

article source GoogleNews (Canada), AdWords (US) title Google to launch AdWords mobile ad services in 2018 article article title Microsoft’s Bing will no longer let you buy Google Search results on Microsoft products, according a statement from the search giant.

The company will also no longer allow you to search for search results that are part of Bing’s Bing Search service.

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