Which burger chain is the best?

  • August 27, 2021

Burger King has been accused of “busting” a popular Burger King ad campaign in the US that featured a man in a trench coat walking around a city, apparently eating burgers.

The ad, which aired on July 15, featured a black man walking around New York City, where he seems to be eating some burgers and drinking a beverage, before returning to his trench coat.

The advert had garnered more than 1.7m views by Monday afternoon, according to Twitter data analytics company RankBrain.

The image was taken from the campaign and was posted to Burger King’s Twitter account on Monday.

But the image has since been taken down.

A spokesman for Burger King, which declined to comment, said the image was removed by the company because it did not comply with Twitter’s terms of service.

In the advertisement, which ran for about two minutes, a man wearing a trenchcoat walks around New Yorkers and drinks a Coke.

A man in the trench coat walks around a New York city, eating burgers and drinks.

The man in question has a face mask on and a trench jacket.

He also looks at a phone, looking at a map, and looks up at the camera.

The campaign, which was promoted by Burger King brand manager Scott Wiedefeld, featured several other people in the same trench coat as the man eating the burgers.

On Twitter, Burger King users shared images of the image.

One user wrote: “Burgers & fries, dude in trench coat, NYC.”

Another user posted: “Man in trench suit eating burgers & fries in NYC, man in trench jacket walking around NYC, wearing a face-mask, looks at phone, looks up, goes for a walk.


The man was a regular customer who took photos with the man in his trench jacket as he ate.

One Twitter user wrote on the account for the account @BurgerKingUSA: “We’re not sure if the #BurgerBelly campaign has been pulled, but it seems to have been.

Thanks to all of our fans for your support.”

An account called @BurgeBellyUSA, which is associated with Burger King in the USA, retweeted a tweet saying: “Burger King’s #BurgeKeen ad campaign is a smashing success!

This ad is the #BK1st.

#BurgersForBk”The image was later taken down from Burger King USA, according the account.

How to get a fast burger for under £10

  • August 10, 2021

RTE 3/10 McDonald’s burger logo The burger is pictured at McDonald’s in London.

McDonald’s 3/20 McDonald’s advert for its new Burger King One-day-only deal with Burger King is offering a one-off promotion of up to £10 off an order of a standard burger, a McDonald’s spokesperson told the Independent.

The promotion is available to all UK customers.

McDonalds 4/20 Burger King advert The advert will be shown at McDonalds stores from today until June 30, with an early bird offer starting on June 2.

McDonald 5/20 Coke Zero advert Coca-Cola Zero advert The ad, which has been running at Coke’s London offices for the past week, features an elderly man with dementia.

Coca- Cola 6/20 Taco Bell ad Taco Bell has run a campaign with the slogan “Let’s Get Real”, which has a simple message: “What if we can eat healthy everyday, without worrying about food cost?”

The ad has already been viewed more than 2 million times on YouTube, with more than 7 million views in total.

Taco Bell 7/20 Starbucks ad A coffee shop in Sydney, Australia.

Starbucks 8/20 Subway ad Subway has been criticised for a “bad burger” advert that showed the iconic American fast food chain advertising for a burger at a supermarket.

The ad features a smiling young man in a hoodie and sunglasses as he talks to a smiling man in the grocery store.

The advert has already attracted criticism for its sexist message.

Subway 9/20 Tasty Burger ad Tasty burger ad featuring a group of girls on a train.

It features an image of a young woman in a skirt with the caption “It’s not about the size, it’s about the style”.

The ad was launched by Subway earlier this month.

Tasty 10/20 Pizza Hut ad Pizza Hut’s advert featuring a pizza-shaped slice of pizza, which was also criticised by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for showing a young girl with an overweight woman.

The advertising campaign featured a number of overweight people in the advert.

Pizza Hut 11/20 Amazon advert Amazon advert featuring an elderly woman with a cane.

The company’s advert has received more than one million views.

Amazon 12/20 Sainsbury’s advert The campaign features a young man and a woman talking about food and food costs.

Sainsburys 13/20 M&S advert M&s advert featuring three young women.

The campaign is set to run at SainsBURys stores from June 2 until July 10.

Sansburys 14/20 Tesco advert Tesco has been caught out in the middle of a political debate with its advert, which features a group on a bus talking about how food costs money.

The Tesco campaign was criticised by a number local politicians.

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASAA) said the advert “appears to suggest that the cost of food is a problem”.

Tesco 15/20 Apple advert Apple has been accused of running a “campaign of misinformation” after a political advert that featured an elderly person with a disability, with the Apple spokesperson saying: “We want to make sure we’re not making people feel excluded from food and services, we want to empower people to make informed decisions about how they spend their money”.

The advert, launched on June 1, has received over 13 million views on YouTube.

Apple 16/20 KFC advert The KFC ad features the image of an elderly female with her hand on her heart.

KFC 17/20 Domino’s advert A pizza box with the headline: “The most affordable way to order”.

The Pizza Hut advert has been watched more than a million times and is now the most viewed advert in the company’s history.

Domino 18/20 Prawns advert The Prawn’s advert features a woman with braces on a plane, with a message that reads: “It might not look like it, but we all have to pay to have a life.”

The ad also features a picture of an old lady with braces.

PrawnS 19/20 Oatman advert The Oatmans advert features an old man with a smiley face.

It has been viewed nearly 7 million times.

Oatmen 20/20 The advert The message in the advertisement says: “People get it.”

Oatmayer 1/20 Disney advert The Disney advert shows a group at Disneyland.

The advertisement was first run at Disneyland Paris on June 20 and has been shared over 50 million times so far.

2/20 Ford advert Ford’s advert featured a woman in the iconic red dress.

The Ford advert has seen more than 1.8 million views online.

Ford 3/200 McDonalds burger logo A McDonald’s advertisement for its fast Burger King one-day, free food is offering its one-time promotion of £10.

The offer is available on all UK McDonalds customers.

BBC 4/200 Coke Zero ad Coca-cola

Which burger chain is best for bitcoin?

  • August 4, 2021

The following is a list of burger chains with different bitcoin acceptance rates and their respective bitcoin acceptance figures:1.

Burger King (US) – 5%2.

Burger Kings (UK) – 1.4%3.

BurgerKing (US, Canada) – 0.3%4.

Burger Brothers (US & Canada) 1.1%5.

Burger Royale (US and Canada) 0.9%6.

Burger Queen (US)(-0.6%)7.

Burger Prince (US -0.4%)8.

Burger Pizza (US/Canada) -0