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  • September 27, 2021

A series of posts from a Reddit user have brought a new wave of controversy to social media.

The user, named Anurag, wrote about how his family is not allowed to drink from a tap.

The post has now been deleted by the user but is now resurfacing.

Anuradhan said the post is not his own but was made by a friend who was trying to reach him.

He said he was not trying to disrespect anyone, but instead wanted to share his experiences of having a family without drinking alcohol.

“My family and I have never been allowed to have alcohol in public places.

My parents are the ones that drink,” Anurav wrote.

“My brother, my sisters, our nieces, my niezes, my cousins are not allowed in public spaces without permission of their parents.

It is not even a matter of ‘can I drink in public’ anymore.

No matter what you say, you can’t.”

Anurag said his family lives in a remote village and cannot get water from a local well.

“In the summer, my father’s wife gives me water for my water bottle and she also gives me a bottle of water from her house every day,” he wrote.

He added that he was unable to drink water from the tap because his family does not have the money for it.

Anurav’s post has sparked outrage from a section of users who believe his story is false.

“We have been trying to drink our water and get water for the last 10 days, but we are not able to do so because we are a very poor family,” one user wrote.

Another said, “He is lying to you because his water bottle is empty.

He has made up the whole story.”

One user wrote, “His story is not true.

We have been drinking water and getting water for two weeks.

I am now getting water but cannot drink from it due to poverty.”

Anal Kumar, who works for a small electronics firm, said he too did not drink from the taps but was unable get water because of the drought.

“The water we get is very poor.

My family has not paid us much for the water that they are supposed to give us,” he said.”

If I were in the same situation, I would not be able to drink any water because we do not have enough money,” Kumar said.

Another user, who goes by the name of Ganesh, said, “(I) have been getting water from water sources for the past two months.

When I came here, the water was not enough for me and my wife.

I was not allowed for two months to drink it.”

Another user said, I have a nephew and a daughter.

I have been working for them and I cannot drink water for them because I cannot pay them.

They do not want to have a drink for them.