‘Pigtails for Black Women’ – Adweek

  • August 9, 2021

Black women’s fashion ads in the past few years have been more than just the stuff of viral videos. 

While their numbers have skyrocketed, they have also seen their brands fail to reach their potential, with the number of brands offering them as part of their campaigns dropping as their advertising dollars dwindle. 

Adweek spoke to Black Women’s Fashion, Inc. (BWF) founder and CEO, Angela Johnson, to find out how the industry has fared in recent years and what it’s doing to try to grow the market for Black women in the future. 

What’s the industry like today? 

What is BWF doing? 

Black Women’s has seen a rapid rise in visibility and visibility has also led to a rise in revenue. 

The company has been on a roll since 2011 when it launched its own line of fashion accessories. 

Since then, the company has gone on to create a wide range of accessories for women of color, and has even released their own line called Pigtail for Black Men. 

Do you have any insights to share about the Black women of today?