NZ health ads to be ‘more than ever’ in 2018

  • August 26, 2021

New Zealand’s health advertising industry has already witnessed a massive increase in growth in the past year.

With the country’s health system facing a $7.3 billion shortfall in 2020, it has been imperative that the industry adapt and improve its advertising strategies.

New Zealand Health Services, the health agency, has been in talks with its advertising partners to launch new campaigns and digital marketing to support the growth of the health industry.

The health agency has been experimenting with a number of new formats and is looking at ways to improve the advertising experience for New Zealanders and to create an industry-leading digital strategy.

It is expected that this will include more health ads in New Zealand and online advertising for the country.

New Zealand has already seen a huge increase in health advertising in the last year. 

The New Zealand Health Agency is set to unveil a strategy for health advertising at the end of next year.

The agency will look at how it can better serve the needs of New Zealand, its residents and the general public.

 “The growth is phenomenal.

We’re seeing an amazing amount of interest in New York City, New Jersey, California and all over the world, and we are really excited about it,” New Zealand health minister Dr Jill Hennessy said.

“This has really driven the health market in New Japan and the rest of Japan in terms of engagement and participation.”

New Zealanders are the biggest market for health care advertising in New South Wales and Victoria. 

In Victoria, New South Welsh health advertising has increased by 30 per cent in the three months to June 30, with health-related ads increasing by more than 200 per cent since January. 

According to New South Queensland Health, New Zealand is now second in New England behind the United States.

Health ads are a key part of the New Zealand advertising landscape.

The health agency says it has spent $13 million to date on health advertising and is investing $8 million more.

In New Zealand as a whole, New York-based health advertising agency Aon paid $15 million to launch a health advertising campaign this year, while the agency of the UK-based agency of American agency Americana spent $15.5 million to start a campaign in February.

The New York Times is also looking to do health ads this year.