How to Get More Viewership for Your Ads

  • September 30, 2021

A couple weeks ago, I started writing an article called “How to Get the Most Viewership Out of Your Ads.”

The premise was to help advertisers understand why they’re seeing so much traffic and where to improve.

The goal was to understand where traffic and traffic-to-content ratios go wrong for advertisers and why those ratios need to be improved.

My goal was also to help marketers understand the best way to get their ad clicks, and to provide an explanation for why those clicks are coming.

The article was originally published by a brand named Bridgett, which has been on the scene for some time.

But the ad agency that runs the BridgetTricks site, the marketing and advertising agency The Campaign Group, also does advertising and marketing work.

As we’ll discuss, the Campaign Group has a long history with Bridgetts ads, but it has been a long time since the site has seen the kind of attention that Bridgets ads have received.

Bridget’s ads aren’t exactly popular.

Their average view count has been around 7.6 million since 2013, and it’s fallen off a bit over the last few years.

Their top three channels for views are YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Bratts ads are the most-viewed and highest-rated videos on their site.

The number of views per minute for those ads is about 4,500, so it’s not surprising that Bratting ads are getting a lot of traffic.

But what has Bridgetting ads been doing wrong?

The problem is that their ads are doing a lot more than just getting views.

Britts ads have been giving their users the option to share them with their friends, and they’ve also been making it easier for users to get the information they need on their friends’ profiles.

The first thing I wanted to examine was how Bridget and Bridgette were doing with the data that Brtricks has collected.

So, I sent Bridget a sample of my personal information.

I didn’t want to give them access to my social security number.

I also didn’t need to give Bridget the data I needed to understand why Bridget was doing so well.

Brittts ads don’t really have to share your information with anyone else.

You can share it with them, but you can’t share it in any way with anyone other than Bridget.

But let’s take a closer look.

What kind of information do Bridgeters ads share?

There’s a lot that Britters ads collect on their users.

For example, I was sent this information in my account.

This is a screenshot from my account page on name: “I’m a Bridgettes friend”