How to avoid getting hit by the next car bomb in New York City

  • September 13, 2021

The NYPD is launching a new campaign to prevent New Yorkers from getting hit in the head by a car bomb.

The NYPD says that, due to the nature of the attack, the bomb squad would be able to respond to an incident much faster than they would if it were a car bombing.

The campaign, dubbed “Trap-Free NYPD,” is part of a broader campaign to try to prevent car bombs from being carried out.

“The NYPD’s bomb squad is ready to handle the incident in the quickest way possible,” NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly told the press.

“We are deploying the bomb squads with the maximum amount of firepower, the highest number of vehicles and the most resources.”

The bomb squad was originally set up in the 1990s, but the NYPD decided to expand the program, Kelly said.

Kelly noted that, although they were designed to be used by police, it was not always the case.

He noted that the bomb force was often called upon to respond during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

“That was just an unfortunate circumstance,” Kelly said, noting that it was also an opportunity for the police to help respond to a major incident.

“What we do is, we deploy the bomb teams as quickly as we can, to help us respond to emergencies, and we respond as quickly we can to major incidents.”

The New York Times has a full story on the Bomb Squad and its response to car bombs.

The program has received a lot of media attention, but some critics have questioned how effective it is.

“There is no doubt that a bomb squad will be able and willing to deploy in the immediate aftermath of a car explosion to the best of its ability to protect our city from terrorist attacks,” Kelly told reporters.

“This is the only time we have the bomb units deployed, and in a very short amount of time, we’ll have the entire bomb squad ready to respond.”

The NYPD also said that, while the bomb team has been deployed, it has not responded to an attack since the bombing of the World Trade Center on September 11.

The New Yorkers Bomb Squad will be deploying more than 2,000 officers to respond when cars bomb in NYC.