How I became a TV blogger, and what’s next

  • August 26, 2021

I have been a TV journalist for over four decades.

I am one of a number of female journalists to take up the mantle of online TV journalism, and I was lucky enough to receive the prestigious Pirelli award for my work.

In addition to being a TV writer, I have written for newspapers and magazines, as well as being a columnist for a number local newspapers in Queensland and New South Wales.

I have worked in various parts of the business for a range of organisations and for many years have had a significant influence on the TV industry.

I have covered a wide range of topics and have written about the changing landscape of television in Australia.

I believe it is my privilege to have been involved in the TV news business for the past eight years.

I know it can be a challenging time for people in the industry and, like most people, I struggle to balance my day-to-day work and my personal life.

My husband has recently passed away, leaving me to take a much more active role in the business.

It has been an incredibly rewarding time, and in the past year, I’ve also had the privilege to travel to the US and France.

When it comes to making my own living, it is an incredible challenge to compete against a $500 million industry with over 50,000 employees, many of whom are paid in part-time wages.

While there are some challenges in that business, the opportunities I have enjoyed in Australia are few and far between, and it is important that we work together to create a better future for the future.

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