A Dutch company is launching a cooperative advertising platform that aims to disrupt the red bull business

  • September 17, 2021

Red Bull has long been a key player in the Belgian beer industry, but it’s not known how much it’s investing in the Dutch beer scene.

Now, the company is creating a new cooperative advertising product, and is aiming to disrupt a business that has been dominated by a single company for decades.

Red Bull and a company called Rakuten have teamed up to create a new collaborative advertising platform, dubbed Rakuten (meaning “red” in Japanese), that aims “to create new and more efficient ways of connecting customers, brands and advertisers.”

The company has already established partnerships with brands like D.A.R.E., Red Bull, and the Belgian brewery Tullos, as well as a partnership with an unnamed beer company.

The company is calling the platform Rakuten Advertising and is also building a new ad network that will help it connect more directly with consumers and advertisers.

Rakuten will offer a range of products and services, including a social media platform that will let Rakuten connect with its customers, as it does with Red Bull.

Rakuten Advertising and Rakuten Social Media will work in tandem to build Rakuten’s social media presence.

Rakuteu will also provide digital advertising solutions for brands that do not have their own social media platforms.

Rakuen will also use Rakuten to integrate advertising with Rakuten, and Rakutens mobile advertising will be integrated with Rakuteur, a mobile app that enables Rakuten brands to reach their consumers more directly through social media.

A big reason for the new collaboration between Red Bull’s Red Bull Racing Team and Rakuteus was to expand its social media network and build new business models.

The new platform will enable brands to build their own digital marketing platforms that can be used by their brands to promote their products and provide insight into what the consumer wants.

Rakuta will also offer a number of digital products that will be used to engage with its audience, and in turn, promote Red Bull products.

Redbull has been building out its brand brand strategy over the past two years, but Rakuten and its advertising partners were able to expand that strategy by working together.

The collaboration with Rakutus comes as Red Bull is preparing to announce a new partnership with a Belgian brewer to build a new microbrewery in the Netherlands.

The Red Bull brand has a strong foothold in the beer industry in Belgium, where it has been a big player in brewing, bottling and selling beers since the 1970s.

The brewer is building a brewery and distillery that will produce its own beer in-house, with its own equipment and workforce.

It will also produce beer in a new brewery in the neighboring city of Anderlecht.

The partnership is part of Red Bulls efforts to strengthen its presence in the region.

The beer brand is currently based in Belgium’s capital, Brussels, where Red Bull brands include Budweiser, Budweis and Bud Light.

The German brand has also been building an aggressive presence in Germany for a number.

But the Red Bull beer brand in Belgium has struggled to grow due to the lack of a strong presence in that market.

The brand is also struggling in the rest of Europe.

The Belgian beer market is expected to grow by nearly 20 percent in 2017, according to industry forecasts.

Red Bulls current market share in Belgium is around 8.2 percent, according the data from data company Euromonitor International.

Rakutes current market position in Belgium and its plans to expand in the country are one of the reasons for Red Bull to look for new growth opportunities in the market.

RedBull has been trying to grow its brand in the European market since the early 2000s.

In 2010, the brand established a foothold in Belgium in the area of beer, and has since made its way to other parts of the continent.

In addition to beer, Red Bull also sells a range a range in wine, spirits, cheese and a range as well.

Red bull has also invested heavily in wine in the past.

Red beer has been brewed and sold in Belgium for over two centuries.

The first Red Bull beers were brewed in the city of Leuven, and were named after the city’s historical brewery and wine district.

The second beer, brewed in 2007, was named after a beer called Red Bull “Blue Ale,” which Red Bull made in the early 1990s.

That beer became a huge success, and a Red Bull brewery in Belgium opened in the town of Red-Schuylkill, in which the brand has since grown.

The market has also grown exponentially since Red Bull began to build up its presence.

In 2015, RedBulls brand was worth $1.3 billion, according Euromonitors estimates.

RedBoys brand was also worth $2.2 billion at the time, according data from Euromonters.

Red bulls brand also grew exponentially in the United States.

The brewery Red Bull Brewery is worth an estimated $3 billion